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Interested in beginning a Yoga practice?  You’ve gotten this far, next step, fall in Love. Unsere nächste Anfängerserie, 20.11 & 27.11 um 18: 30-20: 30.  Yoga, is a state of communion – Love Yoga is a community of teachers who share insights established in the experience that yoga has a positive effect on our lives inside and outside of the classroom.   The experience of practicing yoga with others reveals our unity with all, enhancing our lives, improving our relations, and raising our awareness.  We offer weekly yoga classes including Jivamukti Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Therapeutic Yoga and Hatha Asana Classes for all levels of students.  Meditation, Satsang, Kirtan and Mantra practice are all part of the integral program offered. Classes are intellectually and spiritually inspired.

Practice Together…

Your time and presence are highly respected, as you are like a guest in our home.  Because class size is limited, please register for your class in advance.  Booking can be found on the Timeline page.

Wholly Be ing…

We look to nature for the answers

As nature teaches, works for us best.  Like the sunrise, be on time.  In nature, nothing exists without potential and purpose.  There is no waste.  Walk lightly on the earth.

Libby Love

Founder & Head Instructor

Lebensmittelpunkt Kufstein

Manuela Rieder

Yoga Instructor

Babette Radecky

Yoga Instructor

Continuing Education



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